Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wedding Favor

A customer ask if we do wedding favor as he would like to order it for his brother's wedding. That got us excited and into a brainstorming mode. Searches were done on website and pages flipped on packaging books. Our efforts were not wasted. After much trial and error, we came up with one that we really like....... so forgive us if you find this post filled with too many photos, as we really cant resist sharing all the nice photos that we have taken of this wedding favor.

Wedding bells....

Wedding bells....

And more wedding bells....hee

Open up to reveal the truffles inside, and showing the printings on the other sides of the "wedding bells". And from this photo, you can also see the amt of work needed to prepare the "wedding bells"....but its well worth the effort on seeing the results.
All ready for delivery...

And thanks to our customer who has been very kind to send us photos of the bride and groom holding our truffles and given us permission to publish it on our website......thanks.
Wei Cher and Celine, NoirArt Choc wishes you both a happy and blissful marriage, and hope you enjoyed our truffles....hee

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