Monday, November 30, 2009


Did a small Doraemon chocolate cake for a family member, who loves Doraemon so much that when asked if he is going to have an "ang moh" name for his newborn boy, he answered that if he should decide to have one, it will be "Doraemon".....haha.... Phew, luckily he decided not to have it.

Singing the birthday song with a symbolic candle pluck onto the nose of Doraemon.

There goes Doraemon, with the Doraemon lover cutting his beloved into half...heehee...time to savour Doraemon.

Kitty on 9" Chocolate Cake and Kitty Shortbread

Here is another "Kitty" Chocolate cake. Its a Kitty on a 9" cake with some space for wordings (as compared to the previous Kitty on a 7" cake).

Just bought a Kitty cookie mould, so did some Kitty cookies (Shortbread) too.

Here's a showing of the Kitty cookies before and after colour sugar coating is added.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chocolate Cake for Mum

Birthday cake for mummy. This time, we used a biscuit as the face instead of the whole cake itself. No doubt the biscuit may get soft, but it does help to add some colour to an otherwise plain cake. Similar yet different to the other mummy cake outside. Just another attempt of ours. Cheers.