Monday, November 30, 2009


Did a small Doraemon chocolate cake for a family member, who loves Doraemon so much that when asked if he is going to have an "ang moh" name for his newborn boy, he answered that if he should decide to have one, it will be "Doraemon".....haha.... Phew, luckily he decided not to have it.

Singing the birthday song with a symbolic candle pluck onto the nose of Doraemon.

There goes Doraemon, with the Doraemon lover cutting his beloved into half...heehee...time to savour Doraemon.

Kitty on 9" Chocolate Cake and Kitty Shortbread

Here is another "Kitty" Chocolate cake. Its a Kitty on a 9" cake with some space for wordings (as compared to the previous Kitty on a 7" cake).

Just bought a Kitty cookie mould, so did some Kitty cookies (Shortbread) too.

Here's a showing of the Kitty cookies before and after colour sugar coating is added.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chocolate Cake for Mum

Birthday cake for mummy. This time, we used a biscuit as the face instead of the whole cake itself. No doubt the biscuit may get soft, but it does help to add some colour to an otherwise plain cake. Similar yet different to the other mummy cake outside. Just another attempt of ours. Cheers.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here comes "The Train"...(P/S: Sorry, this is not up for order)

"Chu chuuuuu" comes the train......"Chu Chuuuuu". Another attempts of ours and we call it "The Train"....The amount of work involved is really huge and tedious. For this first try, though the outcome is not perfect, we would still like to give ourself a pat on the shoulder and say "Well Done".

It is very amazing how observant kids can be. They look at the cake and cry out with joy, telling their mama excitedly "Mum, its XXXXXX the train cake...." and naviely, they continue to ask, "Mum, why XXXXXX has a different expression?". Haha, I really admire their ability to see the difference when we adults may just feels, "don't they all look the same"....heehee.
Anyway, with all these said, we are sorry to say that this cake is not up for order. As the time and the work involved is too great.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Young and Handsome Car Owner....

Remember in our previous blog we showed all our first attempt on a chocolate cake with a 3D Car deco? Here are some photos of the little proud owner, with his daddy and mummy, of our maiden creation. The photos are courtesy from our customer.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

25 and 50 pieces Truffles

Think I have never share with all a 25 pieces and a 50 pieces box of truffles before, so here it is. In the 25 pieces box, we had a choco coated conflakes, but too bad that it will get abit soft after a day or two :( .

25 pieces truffles

50 pieces truffles (2 layers)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Kitty Chocolate Cake

Recently did another chocolate cake, with a Kitty face.

A customer ask if we can do a chocolate cake with a Kitty face on it for her 3 years old daughter's last day at school. We ponder over it as we have not done it before. After much thoughts and brainstorming, we decided we can do it and give it a shot. So here it is, kitty face on a 7" chocolate cake.

In fact, even after the cake has been completed, as we waited for the lady to collect the cake, we were pretty nervous and worried that we might dissapoint the little girl with our cake. However, when we saw the girl's shy little smile when we showed her the cake, we know that our efforts are not wasted. We think she loves it......phew, that really make our day. Yeah.

Now you can also order this Kitty Chocolate cake at S$43.80 (7") / S$53.80 (9")

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Attempt at 3D cake deco

Did a little 3D car chocolate cake for a 1 year old boy's birthday. Pretty satisfied with it especially since its a first attempt. The 3D car is also made of the moist cake inside decorated with buttercream icing. Oreo cookies are used for the wheels. And the eyes as well as the number "1" are done using chocolate.

Now you can order this chocolate cake at $53.80 (9").

Cake Boxes

Have been getting quite a bit of cake orders, so decided to add some colors to an otherwise plain box. Have taken some photos to share with all.

Box for the innocent little ones....

Box for the little big boy...

For the sweet lady...

Box for everyone...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chocolate cake

Would like to share with all some pictures of the chocolate cake that our customer has ordered.

Sorry to say that wordings and deco is not very alluring (but the taste is definitely seductive..hee) due to our very novice attempt. We had meant for the cake to be plain, but as many customer request us to add a simple "happy birthday", thus we give it a shot. The outcome is really not to our expectation and we will try our best to improve on it.

Would like to thank our customer for being so kind and understanding with our attempt. Hope they enjoyed the cake.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Introducing our Fruit Cakes...

The fruit cakes that we purchase outside usually came abit too sweet for our taste, therefore we decided to make our own with sugar much reduced. Its definitely a much healthier choice. The fruit cake is topped with almond flakes that helps to further enhance the overall taste.

Tea Party

Playing with the idea of having a gathering at home for a group of frens, so came up with some bite size tea party chocolates and hand-made a simple 3-tier stand....Not too satisfied with the stand though, so gonna improve on it.........stay tune.