Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here comes "The Train"...(P/S: Sorry, this is not up for order)

"Chu chuuuuu"......here comes the train......"Chu Chuuuuu". Another attempts of ours and we call it "The Train"....The amount of work involved is really huge and tedious. For this first try, though the outcome is not perfect, we would still like to give ourself a pat on the shoulder and say "Well Done".

It is very amazing how observant kids can be. They look at the cake and cry out with joy, telling their mama excitedly "Mum, its XXXXXX the train cake...." and naviely, they continue to ask, "Mum, why XXXXXX has a different expression?". Haha, I really admire their ability to see the difference when we adults may just feels, "don't they all look the same"....heehee.
Anyway, with all these said, we are sorry to say that this cake is not up for order. As the time and the work involved is too great.